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Retrofolie Primrose & Feathers Underbust - ENGLISH VERSION

Retrofolie is a young brand located in Montreal, specialising in creating extraordinary corsets with images of paintings from various  artists. Known trait of the Retrofolie is the perfect alignment of the image on the panels - it is very impressive considering that Julianne - owner - started selling her corsets only a year ago.

Thanks to the giveaways organized on facebook, Retrofolie gained  much popularity in our country. As Julianne admitted herself, Poland is a big receiver of her corsets. I myself had also the pleasure of following Retrofolie corset line presented on Etsy. Apart from the known line of Historical Corsets Retrofolie  offers also a  mini collection called Retro Basics - black corsets in various  shapes: Acacia overbust, Alyssum underbust and Azalea longline underbust.

I was very excited when I first saw the picture of the Primrose & Feathers model. It is a corset created with art of Alfons Mucha - Primrose, Feathers and Lady surrounded by flowers. As it is one of  my favourite artists nad era and i decided i have to get this corset. I placed  my order directly in the store, consulting the owner beforehand about  the possibility of creating one in my size. From the start our  contact was nice and informative. I was informed about the progress  in my order and received all the answers to my questions. 

Expected waiting time is 3-4 weeks, however my underbust was prepared much sooner. The package shipped from Canada arrived to Poland in a week. Corset come packaged in a bubble envelope and  decorative paper, inside there was an invoice and some flyers. 

Underbust has a very delicate pastel color scheme. Shades on the print are cold beige, willow-green a bit of emerald, orange and light brown. The print is very detailed and of good quality. The  image is very subtle as the result of the not so big contrast.

Corset consists of four layers of fabric - fashion fabric, two stiffening layers and cotton lining. One of the stiffening layers is  merged with the fashion fabric. A waist tape which strengthens the waist section is located between the layers. The tape goes trough  all the panels and is 2 cm wide. It is not visible but you can feel  it under your fingers.

Corset is has 22 spiral bones and 6 flat bones (4 next to the lacing and 2 next to the busk). In  two places bones was sewn in in pairs and the front sections has 5 boning placed next each the other. Probably the result of the small size (16,5").

Busk is longer than in standard common corset shapes. It has 33 cm and 6 knobs and loops. Busk is very sturdy and stiff. 

Grommets are placed very precisely. Their diameter is great for the  rope used. I did not find any damage on any of them. They are  securely placed however I am able to slide a small bit of a paper sheet under some of the grommets in the inside of the corset. It may indicate  that you will have to be more delicate with your corset. The rope is strong and looks like it will serve me for a long time. It is flat and using it is comfortable.

My corset does not have a modesty panel as this option was an extra  cost (20$). I decided that I will invest the money in a custom sizing and make the panel myself.

Binding is a great color match to the lining. It was sewed on a sewing machine. In one place the seam did not reach the lining. I was able to easily fix this and there was no need to send the corset  back. This was not visible on the first glance.

The owner of Retrofolie took this issue very seriously when I contacted her and offered to repair it or a huge discount on my next order. It is clear that her work is more than business and she is focused on satisfying her clients. I am confident that this issue will not occur again and I will order from her in the future. In the Retrofolie offer there are two new beautiful corsets with the art of Mucha and there is an option to order corsets with different art with no aditional cost.

source: Retrofolie
The shape of the corset is a longline underbust - the lower edge covers the hips and top edge goes under the breast. Corset is very comfortable and I feel good wearing it also when sitting down. Thanks to the shape of the lower edge it does not hurt my legs. The  back of the corset goes high which prevents wrinkling of the skin on  the back - similar shape is called "anti-muffin" by Mystic City Corsets.

Corset is still in the ajustment phase

On the Retrofolie web page we can find practical hints for handling corsets. They can be used for ocasional tightlacing, however they are not advised for waist training due to the delicate fabric. Retrofolie advised to not to tie the corset tight for the first time using it. Before the first tightlacing it is good to wear the corset for 1-2 hours a day for about 2 weeks. During this seasoning the corset and our body will ajust to fit each other wich will prevent damage to the corset.

To sum up, I am very pleased with my corset. It looks very impressive and it is one of the best looking corset in my collection and deserves a special place in my wardrobe. The image placement is masterful.

More pictures in a new stylization coming soon.

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