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Cooperation with V-Couture and LichtReize

Polish version is available here :)

I still cannot believe what has happened in the last few days. Last week I had the pleasure of working with V-Couture on their new photo shoot. It was a great experience. I really love this corset brand and I always wanted to see their beautiful creations with my own eyes. From many years I was impressed by their elegant design, unique decorations and perfect craftsmanship. 

source:  http://www.burlesque-fashion.com/2011/feminine-very-romantic-v-couture-corset/

My trip to Germany started last Friday. Warsaw and Oldenburg where I was staying are separated by around 1000 km drive so everything had to be planned perfectly. The trip was long and exhausting but the satisfaction after arriving to the hotel was great.

I met Holgerem Nitschke (the owner of LichtReize) - the photographer who organized the photo shoot and his partner Ilka - hair stylist. The main session was planned on Monday, but I received an offer to have a personal solo photo shoot on Sunday to make use of my stay in Germany. I gladly accepted because Holger is a great photographer who has impressive professional publication and history of working with great models like Ophelia Overdose, or La Esmeralda. I prepared 4 outfits for this occasion. The photo shoot took place in a botanical garden and Holgers studio and its surroundings.   

Holger and Ilka where extremely nice and fun to be with. They where also very professional in their work. I did not have any experience with German people before so I did not know what to expect. It turned out that everyone I met was very polite: the photo shoot crew, the hotel service, people working in the restaurants and gas stations. I had not met this much kindness in a long time!

It is worth to mention that unfortunately I do not know the German language, so I had to communicate in English. It is fun to see German apologize for their "not so good" English and after that communicate without any problems. :)

Ilka, Holger and me

Monday we went to Bremen where the V-cuture session took place. Pictures where taken in Theater GOP - very interesting place. The viewing area did not look like a traditional polish theater but more like a comedy club from American movies. Beside the comfortable chairs there where tables and small lamp. There was a possibility to order drinks during or before the show. 

We had the actors dressing room at our disposal, so the preparations took place in a very comfortable conditions. Unfortunately the Ilka's assistant could not make it so not to waste time i made my own makeup by myself. Ilka made the most beautiful  hairdo I ever had in my life. I must do this look more often :)

Beside myself there where 3 other models: Laura-Marie, Maike and Franciska. Each one of us had two outfits - one elegant with long skirt and corset and one burlesque. First corset I had was to large for me but Verena (owner and designer of V-Couture) helped me by clipping the corset in the back. 

Laura- Marie, who is visible in a picture below is a great model and dancer so we where able to do a extreme pose. 

During my talk with Verena I asked her about her corsets. She said that she uses European sizing (the second corset I had was in the size 34/36 - the smallest she had ready witch is I think around 20"). Corsets for the sessions were samples - made for test and less refined because of the damage they may take during photo shoots. If the models are not careful there are often accidents in witch the clothes may be destroyed. It is hard to imagine how beautiful the regular V-Couture corsets must be because the samples were astounding.  

Me and Verena
As you can see on the picture the modeling effect was minor - this is the result of a bigger size than I normally wear. 
 From the left: Franciska, Maike, Absentia, Marcin, Ilka, Holger, Laura-Marie, Verena, Sascha, Pascal
On the and I received a signed photo album from Holger and Ilka In the future I hope to visit Germany again. Whole trip was very enjoyable and I will always remember it pleasantly :)

One more photo for goodbye.. and it's time to go home. 

Models: Absentia, Franciska, Laura-Marie, Maike

Dress: Verena Dietzel / V-Couture

 Styling: Ilka Preuth

Assistants: Sascha, Marcin

Location: GOP Variete Theatre Bremen

Making-of-Video: Pascal Muehlhausen

Photos: Holger Nitschke / www.LichtReize.com

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